Refund Policy

UK Writing Help has specially devised a Refund Policy to compensate our dear clients in case if they face any problem in the received papers. If the delivered order does not satisfy the client, he or she must contact our 24/7 available Customer Support Service to complain in written format. Clients are recommended to review our ‘Refund Policy’ carefully before hiring our academic consultancy service.

Behold the following circumstances when a client can get, or cannot get, a refund:

  • In case, if the client does not satisfy with the received paper even after receiving 7 revised works, the client can claim a refund. The client must contact our online Customer Support Service to launch a complaint about the matter in written format. In this regard, UK Writing Help will be responsibility to either:
    • Assign the disputed order to other relevant writer if we believe that the writer can complete the order within the specified deadline.
    • Give a different order (same worth) in the future on behalf of the first paid order with complete consent of the client.
    • Offer a full refund if there is no possibility to complete the order before the specified deadline.
  • If the completed paper has not been received by the client even after contacting our service at least 3 times and 3 days have passed. The client must present proof of communication with our customer service.
  • The cases of minor delay in the delivery process or any inconsequential issues in the delivered paper related to formatting, referencing, citations, etc., are not enough for a refund. In these cases, the paper will be revised.
  • UK Writing Help holds the rights to compensate the client by issuing a refund if there is any minor delay in delivery process or inconsequential issues in the delivered paper related to formatting, referencing, citations, spelling, less word count, etc., since these negligible issues hold no significant grounds to qualify the client for a refund.
  • In case, if credit card of a client is charged more than one time by mistake, the extra charged amount will be returned immediately. In this regard, the client must contact our service with concrete proof of double charge.
  • In case, once an order has been placed by the client and the client takes a decision to not pursue with our service, the client can claim a refund within 1 hour of placing the order. This period is the maximum time we take for reviewing the requirements and assigning to a relevant writer.
  • If the client contacts our service within 1 hour for refund, UK Writing Help will be responsible for issuing a refund with a minor deduction for merchant charges (Usually 5% of the total amount).
  • If the client contacts our service for a refund after 1 hour of placing order, the company will pay a refund with the deduction of 15%. This is for processing charges because we have already assigned the order to a relevant writer and the company will have to pay him/her anyhow.
  • The client will not be entitled of a refund in a situation when the company requests more information related to order and the client don’t respond in appropriate time.

Contact and Dispute Agreement Policy

  • Upon dissatisfaction with the received paper, the client must contact the UK Writing Help first, instead of any intermediary.
  • Upon failure in reaching to a mutual settlement within 2 weeks (14 days), the client reserves the right to approach any intermediary.
  • Failure in informing the company before filing a chargeback by the client will be considered as a violation of contract. This case will be handled accordingly and no any refund will be issued.
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